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Hey ya’ll this is Skye writing on behalf of Carina, who asked me to update on her internet situation.  Currently she is in the fabulous country of India but her team is going to be living simply, and that means no internet for a couple weeks.

Please pray for Carina, as India is really dirty and we don’t want her to get sick, and she will be without the comforts of communicating with family & friends for a while.  😦

Here is some of Carina’s email:

so this is my last email until we have our midbreak retreat in two weeks.  because we are here to live like the urban poor, we arent allowed to go on the internet.  so dont be alarmed if you dont hear from me.

im going to need your prayers even more as i wont have contact with you all.

something i forgot to mention i think is that kolkata is really really dirty.  people throw garbage, like chicken guts and such on the street.  there are like no sidewalks so we have to be really careful walking.  and it is so loud here.  the roads are everyone fend for themselves, no lines so everyone is constantly honking at each other, cutting each other off and even bumping into each other.  so it feels like a lot of chaos here.

today i got really sad not being able to contact home because it really has been like my security blanket.  but itll be character building, i guess.

i will be working with kids while i am here, teaching them informally.  this will be interesting for me because i vowed never to be a teacher as my parents are and i have no patience for it.  i guess itll teach me patience.  and ive met some kids already- they just break your heart as they are so adorable and so curious yet circumstances keep them from having easy lives.

alright well i have to go to orientation.  talk to you all in a few weeks!


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Two and a half weeks left!


Well, Carina has left (boo and yay at the same time) and I only have two and a half weeks left until I leave (yikes!).  I’ve been in Port Angeles since finals week, volunteering a bit at my mom’s work, watching a ton of tv & movies, and baking.  Really, it is increadibly boring here.  I don’t have anyone to hang out with (wah haha), and trips to Safeway are pretty much the highlights of my day (seriously, haha).  But at least life is relaxing here.  🙂

As far as preparations go, I am still (unenthusiastically) fundraising, I have a bunch of little things to take care of, such as packet reading and thank you note writing.  I did write my second fundraising letter, 2 weeks ago (boo).  Anyway, this trip is going to sneak up on me, I can tell, but I’m getting more excited by the day!!

I haven’t found out yet what class(es) I will be teaching, or with whom.  I found out today that we fly from Seattle to San Francisco, then from San Francisco to Beijing (12 hrs).  As long as no poo is rolling down the aisles…heh heh…

That’s all!  If anyone wants to talk to me, give me a call!  Please, I’m so bored, haha…haha…


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So I’m currently in Taipei, Taiwan.  I’ve been here since 6am (it’s 11:20am, we board our flight at 12:50pm) after we got in from our 12hr flight.  It was my longest consecutive flight yet!  So that means I can handle traveling to HK 😉  So I could be reading one of the books we’re assigned but I’d rather catch up with you all here!

FYI, this is my mailing address in India:

Carina Fung
c/o Intervarsity Group Aaboo Varghese
172/3 AJC Bose Rd
Kolkata, West Bengal 700014

I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll get in India, we’ll have to see.  But hopefully I’ll get to update at least once a week.  Maybe a bit more now since we’re not doing anything.  Taipei is nice, at least from inside the airport!  I would like to come here for real, I hear it has great food 🙂  The anticipation is killing me!  I just want to get over there now and get to work.  Rather than second guessing and worrying that I don’t have everything – like dried fruit.  M&M have brought EVERYTHING.  So I’m worried I’m underprepared.  Well, at least I have peanut butter M&Ms… and at least at this airport they have free internet and I’ve been able to chat w/ some people thanks to Meebo 🙂 

Alright, gotta run, hopefully more to come! 


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Prayer Requests for India

Hi Family and Friends,

So this is my last post before I leave.  I’ll try to update in Bangkok, but if not, then you’ll hear from me in Calcutta!

People have been asking if I’m excited.  I can say that I’m definitely excited!  I can’t believe I’m leaving on Monday in 4 days!  I’m so blessed to be able to go to these beautiful places, to serve God and His people and to do His work.  But at the same time, I’m nervous and sad too.  I’m sad because I’ll be leaving my family and my friends who I can so easily call, see or write to.  And I’m nervous because I know it’s going to be so HARD!  It’ll probably be the most mentally and physically challenging experience I’ve ever had.  I remind myself though, that that’s precisely why I’m going.  So I can challenge myself and rely completely on God without the comfort of money, family or electronics to distract me from the true provider 🙂 

So with that said, please keep me in your prayers for the following things:

*Health: big, big worry since Calcutta is so dirty and disease ridden.  Even with shots and pills and our own cook, you never know.  Water must be boiled or we drink bottled water.  So water, food, bugs and even the air we breathe can be a source of illness.

*People of Calcutta: pray that the people at our sites will welcome us and that people who see us, esp. men will not be so curious that their actions will deter us.

*Hope and Morale: we’ve been told that it’s easy to be discouraged, and think that we cannot help the people in a city that is set in its ways.  Pray that we will remember everyday that what we do is for the Lord and to show love to His people.  We may not be able to change the system or how the poor live and are treated, but our service and hearts are what count. 

So that’s all I can think of, I’m sure I’ll think of more while I’m there.   Shoot me an e-mail (, I’ll be trying to check it as much as I can.  If I don’t answer you right away, you can be sure I’ve read it and appreciate all your prayers and encouragement.  

I love you all and hopefully I’ll be seeing you in August 🙂 


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First Post!!!

Hello everyone,

This is both SKYE and CARINA! (Skye + Carina = Skyrina :))  It won’t usually be like this, us together, but we just made this blog today and we’re excited to share with you our soon approaching ADVENTURES!!!

Tonight is our last night together in the dorms as neighbors… :*( We just ate a pint of ice cream – chocolate chip cookie dough – and a bag of Trolli’s sour brite crawlers…and we’re thoroughly full!

Ok, down to business. As most of you know, both of us will be traveling this summer to our respected countries with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Carina will be the first to leave, June 18th with Missy and Michelle (the M&Ms) to San Francisco, joining other team members to then fly to Taipei, Taiwan on the 20th. After an 8 hr layover, then finally to Bangkok, Thailand for a week of orientation. And after that, on to Calcutta (Kolkata), India! Not exactly sure what she’ll be doing, but we’ll find out in Bangkok. Carina hopes that her spiritual gifts will be employed to their fullest. So with primary placement, she would like to work with the Calcutta branch of International Justice Mission (IJM). They work to bring justice for those victimized by others, crimes such as violence, sexual exploitation, slavery and oppression. This would be a good opportunity considering she wants to go into the field of Law. So we’ll see what happens!

On July 11th, while Carina is in Calcutta, Skye will be boarding a plane from Seattle to Beijing, China — with a layover somewhere in between. After a week of orientation, on to Guyuan, Ningxia. There she will meet her roommate and they will be joined at the hip for the entire 4 weeks, 23(not 4)/7. She and her other teammates — Genevieve, Angel and Christian + others — in addition to relational ministry with their roommates, will be teaching classes on American culture, but details are sparse at the moment. Skye hopes for reasonable — excellent — amazing, beyond amazing — the best in the whole world… communication with her roommate. Yeah, basically that. And NOOO stress because of GIANT COCKROACHES and MILLION DEGREE weather.

ok that’s about it for now. PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS!

check back for more updates as we prepare, and we’d love comments 😀